Monday, January 16, 2012

Drive-by Album Review: Tanya Morgan - You and What Army

In honor of all the hard work MLK put into the civil rights cause, I will get some shit done around the house today.  Thought I'd review Tanya Morgan's latest album, You and What Army while I run some laundry and take down the Christmas tree.  You and What Army came out in November 2011, so it's still possible you haven't heard this yet.

Tanya Morgan is a hip hop duo consisting of Downwill and Von Pea, from Cincinnati and Brooklyn respectively.  Although their first EP, Sunset, dropped in 2005, your boy over here didn't hear of them until I copped their 2009 album, Brooklynati, in 2010.  In general, I really like their tone, their flow, their lyrical abilities.  And for the most part, I dig their beats.

My first impression is that this album has similar energy as early Black Eyed Pea albums (before they took on Fergie and completed their crossover to pop.)  When BEP was nice.  And to me, this is a major compliment.

The first track, Do It Tanya, along with a strong-ass coffee has me wanting to dance as I'm moving my first load of laundry into the dryer.  Whatever That's Mine (video below)  is a fine example of lyrical positivity.  Has a similar effect as Outkast's Git Up, Get Out (although nothing alike in sound,) in that there is an overcoming negativity with positivity quality to it, but not quite to the extent of Outkast/Goodie Mob's first-time hall-of-fame ballot inductee into the hip hop hall of fame.

Gotta Get Over It really has a 90s-style R&B-laced hip hop joint with its R. Kelly-esque hook.  A few songs in between that didn't inspire me to stop working.  Then, "We Rollin'" comes up.  Up-tempo, with fluid delivery, and fun.  I'll remember to bring this in the sporty convertible I don't  own when I head out for a drive in said unowned car.

Drive-by initial reaction: The 9-track, just-over-a-half-hour-in-length album, has just over half of the album of good music.  More good than average.  But just barely.  Perhaps it's because I have very high expectations of Tanya Morgan.  To me, they are one of my favorite hip hop acts of today.  There are definitely tracks worth putting in the mix.  Overall, I give it 3.5 juiceboxes (out of a possible 5.)  For the money (oh, did I forget to mention the digital album is FREE,) it is a must have for anyone's collection.  I'm very interested to see what 2012 holds for Tanya.

Now I 'bout to get, WHATEVER THAT'S MINE!

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